5 High Quality Affordable Audio Systems for Your Home


Audio systems to buy


If you are planning to establish a home theater, high quality audio systems are the most important thing to be purchased. For best sound quality you can’t rely on integrated sound systems of your TC or LCD, you definitely need an audio system that should be not only of high quality but also of affordable prices. Fortunately, to meet the particular needs of yours and other customers, different brands have manufactured a variety of systems having different features. You can now easily find the particular audio system featuring your requirements in affordable price. Some of the labels are given below:

  1. 1.      POLK AUDIO SYSTEM RM705:

Polk audio is currently the cheapest system on the list, but it doesn’t mean that these are not providing high sound quality. The particular compact system has the ability to fit in most of the rooms. Small satellites with the system though consuming less space but have the impressive audio quality and the volume irrespective of their size. Rounded construction and magnet shielding, helps in minimizing the vibration & resonance making the sound pretty clear. Part of the system is the 8” subwoofer providing the best bass as compared to others in market.

  1. 2.      ENERGY TAKE CLASSIC 5.1

Energy take classic 5.1 is another best audio system recommended by most of the people. Having a compact design and Hi-Fi sound, the system is mostly suitable when you have a desire of the audio system for home theater or for gaming purpose. Propylene drivers, silk tweeters, 60 W RMS satellites & subwoofers make the energy take classic audio system the highly featured one, available in affordable prices now in market. Best quality is the deep bass & low frequencies. You won’t regret your choice if you buy energy take classic 5.1.

  1. 3.      FLUANCE AVHTB+:

FLUANCE AVHTB+ is another best on the list of audio systems. The speakers are enclosed in wooden framings, big enough for even largest rooms. Subwoofers are not the separate part but in contrast the integrated drivers having low frequency accomplish the distribution of bass cover for the larger imagined places.

  1. 4.      FLUANCE SXHTB+

FLUANCE SXHTB+ is the big brother of AVHTB+. The difference between them is that, SXHTB+ is bigger in size having better speakers, also the arrangement of dual drivers with adjusted bass port resulting in low, deep frequency & strong bass. For highest audio quality, the tweeters of the system are silk domed allowing crystal clear mid & high ranges.


Energy Take Classic 5.1 is considered as one of the best budget friendly audio system for the home theater purpose. Main features of the particular system includes: excellent & high sound quality, elegant design, and affordable price. The choice is preferable because of more reliability & longevity. Usually, once you buy the system, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new one for another 10 years, which is longer than any other gadget currently available in the market.

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