51 Million Smartphones in Just 3 Months – Incredible selling by Samsung

Samsung impressing the world with its smartphone devices has already clinched the crown of Smartphone Market King from Apple, now has sold an incredible 50.5 million smartphones, recently during the Q2 2012. Before this happened, three years ago the Korean consumer electronics giant smartphone sales was heading the end of the road, but in about last 90 days, they have marched to sell, 566,000 smartphones per day.


51 Million Smartphones in Just 3 Months – Incredible selling by Samsung

Fact that Apple fans were eagerly waiting for purchasing the next model over the iPhone 4S, which was due this fall, needed to wait for some more time. And for people who like to check the next new devices in the market are in some mobile contracts, where these contracts doesn’t allow a new upgrade of new devices until a certain period. As per Associate Director, Alex Spektor, at Strategy Analytics gives his thought on this reason of market’s slow down. But, for Samsung, its numbers are saying it.


Both the Samsung and Apple share half the market alone and with Samsung’s shipments grown up to 32 per cent and making a total of 146 million units in Q2 only this year, is quite incredible. And not only this, Samsung has also shipped 50.5 million smartphones, a record of 35 per cent in the market share. As Apple shared the market and managing to ship its smartphones in large numbers, about 26 million of them is also making sure it is in the race.


In this non-holiday season, Samsung shipping a 50+ million of its smartphones in a single quarter year is quite amazing of this manufacturer’s successful story. In a holiday season, where people spend their money naturally a bit more on electronic goods and other special things as presents, Samsung has impressed them in a non-holiday season by its new product.


The once market dominated leader, the Apple has shown the others the successful numbers of its impressive devices getting sold, we shouldn’t get over shadowed by the latest Samsung’s story, Apple has been shifting its amazing devices at a very large numbers for years now. Samsung has dominated its rivals the HTC, the LG and Nokia at the market share for a long time now.


Coming to Nokia, this Q2 2012 has been the lowest market share level in 10 years for it in the race of smartphones as per Spektor’s fellow, Neil Shah, a Strategy Analytics analyst saying it. With Nokia introducing not one but two Lumia devices this coming September, the early Lumia ranges are not so impressive and still there is hope as Nokia’s Lumia is growing in this market share and will be up soon with the latest Lumia devices putting up the symbian numbers up soon.


The big influence in the numbers is the Samsung’s Galaxy S III, as it reported a sell out of 10 million units. We can expect the quad core device to be sold out in large numbers as Samsung is one of the Sponsor’s for this year’s Olympic Games and will be continuing to do so till Q3.

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