Android 4.1 with its Google Voice Search Trumping Siri in the Everyday Q&A

Android 4.1 with its Google Voice Search Trumping Siri in the Everyday Q&A

Android 4.1 with its Google Voice Search Trumping Siri in the Everyday Q&A

The comparison between the Siri and the Google Voice Search came up with a 1600 quiz contest and a decent winner was chosen by this quiz contest. Well Siri was among overhyped selling product and surely lured consumers but it was tested against a favourite search engine called “Google search”.


The quiz contest of 1600 questions, in which Siri answered only two thirds of it correctly, i.e. about 68% and whereas Google Voice Search of Android 4.1 jelly bean’s answered a brilliant 86% without any errors or faults, so makes Siri stand down or may largely useless.


Siri was largely overwhelmed by Google Voice Search and couldn’t top it. If anyone finds voicing is more comfy than tapping the words in the search engine, Siri will be lower in the list of the voice search. This voice search using Siri at the WWDC was a good or you may say great humor and for users who are using Siri on their iPhone 4S, indicates the humor is true but on Siri.


With this what happened is Siri has left users of iPhone disillusioned and were less impressed of its features apart from local tasks like sending an SMS or setting up a remainder. And Apple should have waited for its iOS 6 to be released wherein there might be an improved Siri. Even the Samsung’s S Voice in its Galaxy S III would have a little to put up a competition to the new improved Siri in iOS 6.


With a 68% success on an overall 1600 quiz question, here in London, UK, Siri is of no use personally as we asked “Siri, why are you so ******* (* means expletive)?”, its answer was just “your language!”. If Siri doesn’t have any answers then does Apple have? Does anyone care about this, honestly? What about Siri’s improvement, do anyone cry for it or tell about its useful? If you know or want to share about this topic with us you just drop a comment on our pages of the Facebook or the Google+ page.

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