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Huawei held a Honor X10 Max 5G launch at the Huawei Research Institute in Shanghai  on July 2, 2020. Zhao Ming,Huawei Honor President,answered questions.

Honor X10 Max Release Date, Price, Pros and Cons

Honor X10 Max covers more user groups

The icons and fonts of Honor X10Max’s simple mode are large, and Honor X10 Max is equipped with dual channels, which is its advantage as a large-screen mobile phone. In the future, Honor will focus on spending energy and time to promote Honor’s new simple mode 2.0.

In addition, the use time of large-screen mobile phones is relatively longer than that of traditional small-screen mobile phones. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the function of long-term battery life and eye protection. After comprehensively considering these factors, compared with 8x Max, the battery life experience can only be improved but not reduced. Therefore, this time the same 5000 mAh battery, Honor X10 Max battery life is stronger than 4G 8X Max, 5G can do this is very difficult, thanks to the upgrade and evolution of Honor X10 Max for the screen.

It may be the only 5G large-screen mobile phone this year. The Honor X10Max is equipped with a 7.09-inch pearl full screen, which accounts for 91.13% of the screen, and uses RGBW display technology, supports 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, and P3 wide color of the flagship machine-level color gamut. LCD screen.

In addition, the Honor X10Max uses the industry’s rare speaker and camera layout design on the same side. This extremely compact architecture allows users to hold the handset with the volume key facing up, and the Honor X10 Max’s shock stereo cannot stop it.

Honor X10Max- Large Battery   -NFC Function- Car Key Function

Honor X10 Max 5G launched with a giant 7.09-inch RGBW display ...

Honor X10Max is equipped with a large 5000mAh battery, and uses 22.5W super fast charge, and is equipped with Huawei Smart AI power saving technology. Supports full-featured NFC, which can realize car keys, door cards, transportation cards, wallets and other functions.

The RGBW technology carried by the Honor X10Max adds W white sub-pixels to the original RGB three primary colors. The sub-pixel point arrangement changes from RGBRGB to RGBRGW, becoming a four-color pixel design. With the new pixel arrangement, the brightness is improved and the power consumption is increased. reduce. Compared with the RGB screen, the single screen saves about 14% of the power, and the overall power consumption is increased by about 7%.

By upgrading the backlight light, the Honor X10Max green and red bands have increased light intensity and the purity of the three primary colors has been increased to ensure that users see more rich colors, reaching 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, that is, NTSC96% color gamut. (Traditional LCD screen, mostly NTSC 72% color gamut)

In addition, the Honor X10Max can use “super-computing” to “repair” low-definition sources and enhance the user’s movie viewing experience. Super-score operation is to improve the video display resolution through software interpolation, so that low-resolution video can get a high-resolution display experience.

Symmetrical dual speakers

The Honor X10Max uses the industry’s rare speaker and camera on the same side layout design. This extremely compact architecture allows users to hold the handset with the volume key facing up, and the Honor X10 Max’s shocking stereo cannot be stopped.

The tacit cooperation of dual speakers and dual Smart PA brings accurate and wide stereo sound effect, and the game can also listen to the sound to seize the opportunity.

  Customized high-amplitude dual speakers have greatly improved the sound film roll vibration and voice coil wire materials to ensure good sound quality at high volume.

Honor X10Max  supports Dual-mode 5G

Honor X10Max simultaneously supports NSA and SA dual-mode 5G networks, covering 6 frequency bands including N1/N38/N41/N77/N78/N79; it supports operators’ 5G wide coverage (county and rural) frequency bands (N1).

Honor X10Max uses four antennas to send SRS signals in turn, and the base station performs channel measurement. According to the channel reciprocity of the TDD system, the base station knows the uplink channel and also knows the downlink channel, so that the base station can fully construct multiple independent in the downlink direction. Channel while transmitting information to the terminal.

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