LG Wing Mobile -Another innovation from LG

LG Wing Mobile -LG mocked mobile innovators with  an extended slide-out display phone at LG Wing showcase.


Maybe it will help increase the sales of smart phones, or maybe it will only make LG’s brand more memorable in the smart phone market. Either way, LG seems to be gradually establishing itself as a bold and innovative thinker in the mobile market, at least in terms of its new Project Explorer series of phones. Since LG’s wings and its rotating display have not even been enthusiastically sought after by the media, the company has hinted that its next, perhaps even more bizarre, smartphone experiment will be a sign.

LG Wing is already weird, one and a half screens swing independently of each other. Even if LG puts forward the practical benefits of this design, it still cannot put our thoughts on the shelf, which is really strange, not to mention that it will soon exist as a commercial product. The price of $2,000 did not help.

LG's swivel-screened Wing leaks again ahead of official reveal - 24 News Order

Then, in the last few seconds of the virtual demo discovered by CNET, LG released a trailer. It undoubtedly shows the phone sliding out from the bottom, exposing the panel inside the phone body. The panel is obviously one screen, and the last point of the animation implies that when fully expanded, the two screens will act as one screen.

If it were other smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung, then this idea might be discarded as a crazy concept. For better or worse, LG has a record of making this crazy concept a reality, from the modular LG G5 to the dual-screen protective case to the LG Wing. The company has also been studying foldable and foldable flexible display applications.

As always, the question will be whether this innovation has practical significance. Never mind the lack of durability of this structure, LG Wing’s price tag of up to $2,000 makes it more expensive than the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or even the Microsoft Surface Duo.

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