NASA will let 10.9 million names travel to Mars with Perseverance probe

According to foreign media reports, NASA’s Perseverance probe will not go to Mars alone. The names of nearly 11 million people will also be among them. On Thursday, local time, NASA stated that they had placed 10,932,295 names on the rover scheduled to be launched in July.


These names are engraved on tiny silicon wafers and then placed on an aluminum plate with a protective barrier on top to make it tolerant of the dusty environment on Mars.

These names come from NASA’s Send Your Name to Mars program, a public awareness campaign that invites space fans to sign up and make their names part of the Mars journey. The metal plates on the detectors call them “explorers”.


NASA said in a statement: “While commemorating the rover that connects the two worlds, this simple illustration also pays tribute to the fine line art on the gold records carried by Voyager 1 and 2.”

In addition, essays from 155 students are also etched on the chip of the rover. These essays were written by the final students who participated in the rover competition. The winning entry turned this machine from Mars 2020 into a Perseverance detector. Due to the new crown virus epidemic, some space missions were forced to postpone, but Perseverance will still launch as planned. If it finally leaves the planet on time, it will reach Mars in February 2021, when these 10.9 million people will celebrate their arrival on the red planet.

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