One Plus 8 Smartphone-Configuration& User Reviews

One plus 8- new launch mobile Variant from the One Plus Mobile maker is truly eye catching with upgraded configuration. OS-Chipset & Processor One plus 8 smartphone uses Android V10(Q) Operating System.Powered by 2.8 Ghz…

Work from Home & Mental Health of Employees

Work from Home & Health of Employees

Work from Home and Health of Employees goes hand in hand.A healthy employee is more productive always. A Father Working from Home with kid. Work from Home /Remote working was never in our dreams .These…

Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain-How to minimize ?

Digital Eye Strain is most common now a days.Eye strain is the result of life on screens 24*7.Its the most common cause of partial sight loss to permanent. Digital Eye strain is the out come…

Hyderabad Online Tuition@ Tech Education

Hyderabad Online Tuition Best school tuition in Hyderabad from 1 to 12th Standard for CBSE-ICSE & Telangana State Curriculum.Live and interactive. Online tuitionsLive & Interactive Online Tuitions Need of Online Education Online education is the…

Microsoft Word Rewrite

Enjoy the updated / new MS Word Re write with add-on features without adding application to help you in grammar,sentencing,suggested replies and other features appeared in other applications and sheets.

MS- Power Point- Pros & Cons.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software application which is particularly used to present data and information by using text, diagrams with animation, images, and transitional effects, etc in the form of slides. It helps people to better understand the idea or topic in front of the audience practically and easily.

MS-WORD Do’s & Dont’s

MS Word is widely used program across all the industries and educational institutions.It is used to create presentations, detailed reports with pictures.Its user friendliness makes it a must have program on systems.