Samsung New Devices Launch Aug 5 2020

Samsung officially released a number of new devices including Samsung Note 20 series, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series, Samsung Galxy Watch3, etc., which made people overwhelmed.


I believe that many friends are interested in these new flagship phones. Tablets, watches, etc.

Samsung officially stated that Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Note 20 UItra have top-notch specifications, upgraded notes and productivity tools, powerful game performance, professional-grade camera functions, etc., allowing Samsung users to complete more work and enjoy more You can also find more time to focus on the most important things.

The difference between Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ is that S7 and Note20 UItra are the same. Supporting the upgraded S Pen will reduce the delay. Although the screens of these two tablets are both 120Hz, the S7+ has a larger AMOLED (12.4 inches) and the S7 is an LCD (11 inches). This is just for market segmentation and not a technical limitation. The different sizes also indicate Different battery capacities.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has two sizes, 41mm and 45mm. It is worth noting that only large watches will have a titanium version, which is much lighter than a standard stainless steel case or even a 41mm version. The waterproof performance of both is very powerful, reaching 54TM, and will also provide advanced health tracking functions.


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