The world’s first 18GB memory flagship! Tencent ROG game phone 5

  At present, many mobile phone manufacturers have announced that their new flagship phones will be released this month, and the mobile phone industry will usher in a wave of small climaxes.

  Among them, the most anticipated by consumers is Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5.

ASUS ROG Phone II: Global vs Tencent version - YugaTech | Philippines Tech  News & Reviews                                                                      Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5

  At present, the machine has been officially launched on the Jingdong platform and an appointment has been opened. According to the product details page, Tencent ROG game phone 5 will be released at 7:30 pm on March 10.

  As a new generation flagship machine jointly built by ASUS ROG and Tencent Games, ROG Game Phone 5 is highly anticipated by mobile game players, especially Tencent game players.

  Combined with the previous news, it can be known that the ROG gaming phone 5 will be equipped with a Snapdragon 888 processor, a 6.78-inch OLED screen, and support a 120Hz refresh rate.

  It is worth mentioning that there is news that the ROG gaming phone 5 super cup will be equipped with Hynix 18GB RAM.

  Thanks to this, the machine will become the world’s first professional gaming mobile phone with 18GB of RAM.

  The high storage capacity means that more apps opened by players will be reserved in the background of the mobile phone, which greatly reduces the number of closed applications due to insufficient memory .

  For mobile game players, you can safely and boldly switch between the game and the chat software without worrying about the game shutting down unexpectedly.

  This time, ROG gaming phone 5 will be a breakthrough milestone in the hardware indicators of the mobile phone industry.

  Of course, in addition to the powerful hardware, the new machine is also excellent in terms of audio.

  The well-known evaluation agency DxOMark recently announced the evaluation results of the machine. In terms of audio, ROG gaming phone 5 ranked first with a score of 79 points, successfully defeating the   Xiaomi 10 Pro and winning the name of the strongest music phone.

  It is reported that ROG gaming phone 5 is equipped with symmetrical dual speakers this time, and the speaker opening is on the side of the screen, which can provide a better sound field experience during games and audiovisual.

  Not only that, there are reports that the ROG gaming phone 5 is also equipped with an independent 3.5mm headphone jack, which is also the rare flagship mobile phone equipped with an audio interface on the market.

  It is worth noting that, according to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the machine has a battery capacity of up to 6000mAh and adopts a dual-cell solution. At the same time, the machine will also become the model with the largest battery capacity in the current Snapdragon 888 camp.

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