Tips to Know How to Connect iPad with Video Projector

Many of you must be wondering if an IPad can be connected to a Video projector or not. Well the answer to it is “Yes you can connect an ipad to a projector”. All you need to do is buy an adaptor cord from apple to connect to the projectors vga input, this enables You and the audience to see a display on a monitor or a TV that you might see in a auditorium or conference room. Now anyone can show the functions of the iPad to a outsized audience by connecting the tablet to a video projector. Three different Adapter cables i.e. VGA Adapter cable,AV adapter cable etc allows you to send the images from your iPad’s screen to an external monitor. The iPad features inhabitant support for the adapter therefore you don’t need to install any further applications to connect to the projector


To establish a connection between iPad and Video projector one needs to connect the iPad’s port to a VGA input on the video projector to show the video from the iPad on the external device. The port on the iPad is featured for export of data. To send iPad data to a larger screen, one can choose from any of the three connectors but to show the data from iPad to video projector VGA Adapter cable is recommended.

VGA (video graphics array) Adapter cable: Apple sells VGA Adapter cable that helps in projecting what’s on the iPad’s screen to a larger one. You can utilize it to attach your iPad device to TVs, VGA displays, and projectors to watch videos, video related slide shows as well as presentations on a big screen.

Instructions To FOLLOW

1. It can be used by plugging in the cable adapter into the port on iPad. The Port will be

present at the bottom of the iPad

2. The second step would require the user to insert the cable into the port which is there on the adaptor. The user must fasten the screws on the connector ends.

3. The third step reuire to Connect the cable to the specific port on the input device of the video projector.

4. the final step is to Turn on the projector and press the “Source Search” button until the image from the iPad appears on the projector’s screen.


Few Guidelines for Ipad Connection to a Video Projector

• When connecting the iPad projector plug to a VGA projector, the iPad should be kept in sleeping mode or totally turned off before connecting to the projector.

• The projector should be competent of projecting at a 1024 X 768 resolution

• The iPad gadget consumes more power while you are projecting out of the VGA port therefore iPad should be properly and fully charged before projecting.

• There is a special iPad Dock Connector for iPad to VGA Adapter that can be purchased from Apple Store.

Concluding words: Follow the instructions above and enjoy a larger resolution display by connecting your iPad to a video projector. One can easily enjoy watching movies and photos like this. Likewise, official work presentations are given in an effective way through such connectivity of iPad and video projector.

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