YouTube TV 4K streaming and offline viewing are coming soon

Since YouTube TV also bundles live TV channels, it has become one of the streaming services of choice for many American users. Now, it will become more useful as new features are introduced in the future. YouTube TV is about to gain support for 4K streaming and offline viewing. The announcement was made in a blog post, which also detailed some other features of YouTube.

                                              YouTube TV 4K

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The exact details of the features and release schedule have not been disclosed. YouTube simply said, “A new add-on package will be launched, which has 4K streaming, offline viewing and unlimited concurrent streaming at home.” It seems that users will be able to download their favorite content for offline use. Watch. However, it’s not clear whether downloads apply to all types of content or only selected content.

The infinite concurrent stream is another feature that will be understood by many users. YouTube TV currently only supports three concurrent streams, which may be a limitation for houses with more than three members. In this way, everyone can watch their favorite programs at the same time.

The most important thing to note is that all these features will be provided to YouTube TV subscribers as “add-on packages”. The announcement did not mention the price of the package. If the buyer wants to use all these features, it will be an optional package that the buyer can purchase.

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